Fortify Your Digital Frontier

Tailor-made solutions, managed security services, and comprehensive data analytics consulting to identify digital security risks, bolster security measures, and unlocking valuable insights.

Ensure your business can recognize security risks, react quickly to threats, and put protection measures in place to achieve confidentiality, compliance, and to mitigate digital risks. Our team of cybersecurity experts will monitor unusual behavior, implement compliance policies, assist in your Cyber Incident Response, and keep your systems protected.

Data-Driven x Security

Cyber Security

Incorporate advanced security solutions to protect organizations and people from cyber-attacks


Uncover valuable insights from a wide range of data sources, including machine data, application logs, sensor logs, and more.
Enrich your own proprietary data and analytics with AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Data Operations

Implement intelligence extraction tools, make use of large data, and gain valuable insights

Data Enrichment

Data Market

Partners include Spamhaus, SURBL, Scamadviser

Enrich and Transform your organizations data

Helping organizations build data enrichment strategies with industry leading threat intelligence providers and open source intelligence.

Use Case & Client Voices

Use Case: DatalaiQ
DatalaiQ provides a central place to aggregate, correlate, and enrich IoT machine logs to monitor, detect, and investigate signals related to exploitation.

See how companies use DatalaiQ to simplify their threat monitoring and reporting.
Simon Foster
CEO @ Spamhaus Technololgy
Our partnership is designed to strengthen the Asia Pacific region against cyber attacks and broaden Spamhaus’ presence in Asian markets. With Pipeline Security we have an excellent partner to bring to new customers the threat intelligence that has been protecting our users for the past 20 years.
Partner Voice: Spamhaus Threat Intelligence
Citranet protects their service users by implementing intelligent filters to detect and prevent malware, C&C, ransomware, spam, and other suspicious communications.

See how they transformed their security posture with security intelligence.
Valens Riyadi
Internet Service Provider
Use Case: Security Operations Center
Opening a new office or branch site can be an exciting addition to your business but why expose your company's lifeline to the risk of catastrophic failure by not implementing the appropriate security measures?

See how businesses can monitor remote offices and sites by utilizing Pipeline's Network Monitoring Services.
Cybersecurity, finance, health, insurance, and law enforcement are among the industries with the greatest need for data intelligence. Recognize and forecast future trends in business, technology, commerce, entertainment, and everything in between. Build the right data intelligence to help propel your next business decision and maximize your business results.
Use Case: Data Intelligence
Hitoshi Oono
Manager @ National Institutes of Natural Sciences
National Research Institute
The National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) uses the power of DatalaiQ to simplify log correlation and management.
See how they are automating their reporting to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)

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