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At Pipeline, we blend powerful technologies, distinct capabilities, and industry experience to help our clients address their most difficult challenges through strategic relationships with technology and industry leaders, as well as a host of businesses with specialized capabilities.

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We collaborate to develop cutting-edge services powered by leading and emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, the Internet of Things, and cybersecurity.

Our services address a wide range of client needs, such as assisting clients in discovering insights and transforming them into innovative breakthroughs, accelerating strategies, and modernizing their business processes.
The world around us is changing at breakneck speed, and so is the need to adopt new technology quickly and efficiently.

Companies require a completely different strategy when it comes to developing and managing technology, building and securing their strategy, and ensuring the long-term viability of their business.

Our industry-specific expertise and guidance, we are here to help you discover and anticipate the high demands of remaining competitive and secure.

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Types of data:

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Cyber Security
Security Operations
Security Monitoring
Data Operations
Data Science
Data Engineering

Our Team

Our team is comprised of professionals with expertise in AI, Deep Learning, Cybersecurity and deep business knowledge.
A.S.M.Shamim Reza
Allan Watanabe
Naho Sakurai
Imtinan Hussain
Mukund Hirani

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