Real-time understanding of what’s happening across your IT systems and technology infrastructure


For businesses, real-time data is extremely valuable and can be a game changer in any organizations business strategy.

Organizations have focused more of their efforts on accelerating and simplifying their big data gathering process as well as extracting insights from their own data. Businesses can employ real-time data to improve customer service, manage online services, and optimize their operations across different regions.

Everything is Data

One of the most useful applications is to assist in the monitoring and protection of an organizations IT infrastructure. Organizations can gain extensive visibility and insight into the performance and security of their complex systems by using real-time data and data analysis.

DatalaiQ is an ultra-fast machine data solution that helps businesses search, monitor, and analyze data to improve performance and security.

Three advantages of DatalaiQ

Petascale architecture
All your applications , sensors, system, web servers and other technology infrastructure generate data every millisecond of every day. Capable of storing and indexing data such as video, images, audio ,binary and telemetry data at petascale

Big data analytics

Data when you need it
Now you can collect, index, search, analyze, run advanced correlation sequences, and visualize all your data in one place. DatalaiQ offers aunified way to organize and extract real-time insights from massive amounts of machine data.

Discover data quickly

Run automation and advanced workflows
Build workflows between indexed or extracted fields and other datapoints to enable automated actions. Workflow actions have a wide variety of applications. Define and build custom workflow actions to accelerate your analysis.

Automated Workflows

DatalaiQ Platform

How DatalaiQ works

① Ingest logs from endpoints, servers, or other
② Index and store the logs
③ Build beautiful visualizations with dashboard

1. Machine tool manufacturing

The operating information files collected by each machine tool are periodically collected and the data is registered in the storage server.

In addition, information such as alarm information is registered in the cloud online storage, and the link to the image file at the time of occurrence is notified to the related parties by e-mail.

DatalaiQ Case Study

The timely visualization of registered machine operation information in this way facilitates efforts to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

2. Research Organization

Utilize a vast amount of various machine data (measuring equipment, servers, etc.) to develop new business.

Regardless of the time axis, you can perform correlated searches combining a variety of conditions and instantly know the search results.

Build a powerful data strategy

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