A comprehensive email protection system that blocks phishing threats, safeguards against data leaks, and guides users to make intelligent decisions for enhanced security.

Our cutting-edge cloud-based email security solution effectively mitigates advanced email attacks.

A behavior-based email security solution is crucial in today's digital landscape. By analyzing user behavior, this advanced cloud-based system detects and prevents sophisticated email attacks. Unlike traditional signature-based approaches, it focuses on identifying anomalies and suspicious behaviors for proactive threat prevention.
The key benefits are early detection of emerging threats, combat against social engineering, prevention of credential theft, and robust protection against malware and ransomware attacks.

Secure the Inbox

Fense email security is a comprehensive solution that protects against email-based threats, including Phishing, Business Email Communication (BEC), Spoofing, and Malware Attacks.

Key Competencies

Phishing remains the top cause of data breaches, with increasingly sophisticated techniques. Fense excels by utilizing advanced computer vision, AI, and machine learning to detect all forms of phishing attacks.
Phishing remains the top cause of data breaches, with increasingly sophisticated techniques. Fense excels by utilizing advanced computer vision, AI, and machine learning to detect all forms of phishing attacks.
  • Banner Alert
    Real-time threat assistance is provided to your employees through color-coded banners displayed on every email.
  • All-Device Protection
    Our email protection solution is compatible with all devices and email clients, ensuring comprehensive security across different platforms.
  • Computer Vision
    Self-adapting AI algorithms and a deep understanding of how email works are what make Fense effective at keeping up with zero-day attacks.
  • Compelling Dashboard
    Admins have full customization control over Fense banners for end-user interaction.
  • Social Graphing
    Fense familiarizes itself with users and identifies any instances of impersonation, whether from within the organization or external sources.
  • Easy Reporting
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Protect your organization, people, and data, with intelligent defense against all email-borne attacks

Openly dislosed, public government data, and other public data sources in machine-readable formats to commonly used to improve people's lives, building corporate profit-making intiatives, and thereby contributing to social and economic.

Fense Platform

Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services

    Prevent phishing attempts and provide real-time guidance to users.
    Prevent the risk of data loss through interactive measures for outgoing emails.

    Safeguard internal email communication from unauthorized account access.
    Secure confidential information through quick and straightforward encryption methods.
    Identify deeply concealed malware within incoming attachments.
    Enhance productivity by effectively filtering out mass email communications.

How Inky - Email Security Solution Works?

A sophisticated email protection product that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze incoming messages for signs of phishing, spam, and other email-based threats.

Phishing Prevention and Fraud Detection

Fense's advanced AI algorithms can analyze incoming emails in real-time, detect phishing attempts, and identify fraudulent emails targeting employees and customers. The solution can:

  1. Flag Suspicious Emails: Fense can identify and flag emails that exhibit phishing indicators, such as spoofed sender addresses, suspicious links or attachments, or requests for confidential information. This helps employees avoid falling victim to phishing attacks.
  2. Behavioral Analysis: Fense can analyze email behavior patterns and identify anomalies that might indicate a compromised account or fraudulent activity. For example, if an employee suddenly starts sending emails to unusual recipients or changes their typical email writing style, Fense can raise an alert to investigate potential account takeover or impersonation attempts.
Use Case 1: Financial Services Industry

HIPAA Compliance and Data Protection

Use Case 2: Healthcare Industry
Fense can assist healthcare organizations in achieving HIPAA compliance and securing patient data shared through email. The solution offers the following capabilities:

  1. Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Fense can scan outgoing emails and attachments to ensure that no sensitive patient information, such as social security numbers, medical records, or financial data, is being sent outside the organization without proper encryption or authorization. Fense can also detect and prevent accidental disclosures, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  2. Secure Communication: Fense's solution supports encrypted email communication, enabling healthcare professionals to securely exchange patient information within the organization or with external stakeholders. This ensures that sensitive data remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Make Your Email Communication more Secure

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