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Operational Intelligence

Gain Operational Intelligence with Pipeline.

Operational intelligence is a critical component of a company’s digital transformation. As businesses around the world scramble to connect to various applications and connect their business to the cloud.

It is critical to recognize the growing disparity between different systems and to create an ecosystem that will aid in the acceleration and protection of your company’s online growth.

Effectively analyze your organizations growing digital transformation

Our operational intelligence solutions are designed to help teams deal with the growing amount of monitoring data, infrastructure complexity, and business requirements.
Successfully manage expanding on-premise, cloud, and other complex digital eco-systems.
Create end-to-end observability across the whole digital delivery chain and give IT operations teams with meaningful data-driven decisions.
Businesses will be able to standardize, correlate, and analyze the growing volume and variety of operational data using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Improve Operations

This service monitors networks and devices, detects and analyzes cyber attacks, and provides consulting on countermeasures.

Security Ops

A Peta-scale data platform to drive data insights into your log data, machine data, audio, video, telemetry data, and more


Analyze data such as customer online transactions, communications information, applications, servers, cloud services, networks, and mobile devices.

Data Operations

Providing data analysis services, including data aggregation, visualization, search systems, and security.

Data Analytics

Operational data is essential as it provides material facts for defect analysis, facilitates customer communication, creates business insights, and can also provide details for evidence of fraud or cyber security issues.

Identify real-time business insights

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