Spamhaus is the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation data, with over two decades of experience.


IProtect and investigate using IP and domain reputation data

The Spamhaus Project is an international nonprofit organization that tracks spam and related cyber threats such as phishing, malware and botnets, provides realtime actionable and highly accurate threat intelligence to the Internet's major networks, corporations and security vendors, and works with law enforcement agencies to identify and pursue spam and malware sources worldwide.
Spamhaus data is today used by the majority of the Internet's ISPs, email service providers, corporations, universities, governments and military networks.
Spamhaus protects over three billion mailboxes globally.
Spamhaus provides industry-leading, real time datasets to safeguard against malware, phishing, botnets, spam, and more.

Live Botnet Threats Worldwide

The IP address locations of servers used to control computers infected with malware
Locations with the most intense bot activity
Command & Control botnet servers

Spamhaus Products

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Feeds

Do Not Route Or Peer (DROP) and Botnet Controller List (BCL) datafeeds can peer with your existing BCP-capable router.

Data for Investigation

Passive DNS and extended datasets give you additional information on internet resources. They provide deeper insights into incidents and possible threats.

IP Blocklists

Spam (SBL), Policy (PBL), Exploits (XBL) and Auth (AuthBL) blocklists allow you to filter email from IPs associated with spam, botnets, and other threats.

Content Blacklists

Domain (DBL), Zero Reputation (ZRD) and Hash blocklists (HBL) enable you to block content in emails, filtering out a higher rate of email-borne threats.

DNS Firewall Threat Feeds

A wide range of feeds to apply to your DNS recursive server. Choose the right level of protection for your organization.

Real-Time Cyber Threat Intelligence

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