✅ 16 years of Extended Support Lifespan
FIPS 140-3 compliance with Continuous Updates
Live Patching with Zero Downtime

About AlmaLinux

AlmaLinux OS is an open-source, community-driven Linux operating system that will expand your OS experience with continuous stable update releases. AlmaLinux OS is an Enterprise Linux distro, binary compatible with RHEL®, and guided and built by the community.
Unlock a seamless transition and extended support with AlmaLinux, the natural choice for users migrating from their existing Linux OS. Experience continuity, community-driven excellence, and uncompromised security as you embark on a future-proof journey with AlmaLinux.

Elevate Your System Uptime with AlmaLinux and Seamlessly Transition to AlmaLinux with Extended Enterprise-Grade Support.

AlmaLinux FIPS 140-3 Certified
FIPS 140-3
Security Certified
The possession of a FIPS 140-3 certificate signifies that a product has undergone rigorous testing and formal validation by the United States and Canadian Governments. This certification serves as a testament to the product's reliability and adherence to stringent security standards, instilling confidence in its users and affirming its trustworthiness in the realm of financial security.
Live Patching
AlmaLinux's Live Patching feature enables you to apply essential updates to your system without the need for any downtime. Keep your operations running smoothly, eliminate disruptions, and maintain a consistently high level of service availability.
AlmaLinux FIPS 140-3
Smooth Migration from Existing OS
Ensure compatibility with your existing OS infrastructure. AlmaLinux is designed to maintain compatibility with other Linux OS, minimizing disruptions and simplifying the migration process. Your applications and configurations remain intact, making the transition hassle-free.
Experience stability
like never before
Alma Linux is built to provide you with a stable and predictable platform for running your applications and services. Say goodbye to unexpected crashes and system failures, and say hello to smooth operations.
Extended Enterprise-Grade Support for Peace of Mind
AlmaLinux guarantees enterprise-grade reliability with a focus on stability and security. We understand the importance of continuity in your operations. That's why we offer an extended enterprise-grade support cycle of 16 years. With AlmaLinux, you can rely on a stable foundation for an extended period, reducing the uncertainty and disruptions caused by frequent system upgrades.
< Ensuring Security is Our Priority
AlmaLinux OS provides a set of security features: Errata, GPG keys, Mailing Lists, OpenSCAP, OVAL, SBOM


AlmaLinux OS provides SCAP and SCAP Workbench packages to audit your AlmaLinux system for security compliance alongside OVAL streams.
AlmaLinux OS Foundation publishes Errata to help users to determine what updates such as security issues and fixed bugs are available and their importance based on analysis.
Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
AlmaLinux OS prioritizes security by integrating SBOM into the AlmaLinux Build System, enhancing the build process for increased traceability and fortified reliability.
Supported By
AlmaLinux has been supported by the world’s leading companies
Why Choose AlmaLinux
Stable, RHEL Compatible, Community-driven, it is a practical choice for a reliable Linux Distribution
  • Reliability
    AlmaLinux ensures dependable, disruption-free operations for businesses.
  • Community-Driven
    AlmaLinux thrives with an active, evolving user community.
  • Legacy of CentOS
    Continuity and reliability from CentOS's legacy.
  • Tailored Support
    AlmaLinux offers versatile support options, from 16-year standard support to live patching and FIPS 140-3 compliance, catering to diverse needs.
  • Efficient Security
    AlmaLinux automates security patching, offering peace of mind with minimal manual intervention.
  • Seamless Migration & Live Patching
    Smooth transition from CentOS 7 end-of-life. Enabling kernel updates without the need for a system restart.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question
    What is AlmaLinux OS?
    AlmaLinux OS is an open-source, community-driven Linux distribution designed as a replacement for CentOS Linux. It aims to provide a stable, secure, and free alternative for users who were using CentOS prior to its shift in focus.
  • Question
    Why Choose AlmaLinux Over Other Linux Distributions?
    AlmaLinux offers a compelling alternative due to its focus on stability, long-term support, and commitment to providing a free, open-source operating system. It serves as a drop-in replacement for CentOS, making migration seamless for users.
  • Question
    How Does AlmaLinux Differ from CentOS Stream?
    While CentOS Stream is a rolling-release distribution, AlmaLinux follows a traditional stable-release model. AlmaLinux provides a fixed-point release, ensuring predictability and stability for users who prefer a more traditional update approach.
  • Question
    What Support Options are Available for AlmaLinux Users?
    Pipeline's commercial support options are available for businesses and organizations that require professional assistance. Besides that, you can get community support also.
  • Question
    Is AlmaLinux Suitable for Production Environments?
    Yes, AlmaLinux is well-suited for production environments. It provides long-term support, security updates, and a stable platform, making it an ideal choice for servers and mission-critical applications.
  • Question
    Can I Migrate from CentOS to AlmaLinux Easily?
    Yes, migrating from CentOS to AlmaLinux is designed to be straightforward. The AlmaLinux team provides tools and documentation to assist users in transitioning seamlessly, minimizing disruptions to existing workflows.
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